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    • Wholesaler/Broker/Importer/Exporter
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    • Manufacturer of Ingredients/Nutritional Ingredients
    • Foodservice
    • Co-packer/Contract Manufacturer
    • Engineering, Design, Architectural and Construction Services
    • Machinery/Equipment for Food Processing and/or Packaging
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    • Plant Operations/Production (VP Production, Production Mgr, Plant Mgr/Supervisor/Superintendent/Production Line Foreman, VP Operations, Processing/Packaging Supervisor, Maintenance Foreman, Plant Security Manager, Safety)
    • Engineering (VP Engineering, Plant Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Chief Engineer, Packaging Engineer, Processing/Production Engineer, Engineering Director)
    • Warehousing/Distribution/Logistics (Warehouse/Distribution Manager/Director, Logistics/Traffic Manager/Director, Truck Fleet Mgr & Repairs/RTE Mgr)
    • Corporate Management & Administration (President, Owner, Partner, Chairman of the Board, Executive VP, VP, General Manager, Secretary-Treasurer, Manager, Assistant Manager, Store/Location Manager)
    • Research & Development/Product Development (President/VP of R&D, Food Tech, Chemist, Flavor Room Manager, Lab Tech, Design Manager, Tech Services Manager, Project Manager)
    • QA/QC (Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Control Manager, QA/QC Personnel)
    • Marketing/Sales (Category/Brand/Product Manager, Marketing Director/Manager, VP Sales, Sales Mgr/Director, Vending Manager, Merchandising Manager, Account Exec.)
    • Purchasing (VP Purchasing, Purchasing or Procurement Director/Manager/Supervisor, Purchasing Agent, Grocery Buyer, Retail Buyer, Buyer)
    • Other

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