Assembly serves the information needs of manufacturing professionals responsible for engineering and managing product assembly operations throughout the Original Equipment Market. Our objective is to help them make assembly-related decisions and develop solutions to assembly problems. Distributed monthly.

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    • Aerospace Products/Parts
    • Computer Electronics Products, including Consumer
    • Contract Manufacturing
    •       Electrical Equipment, Appliances Components
    • Commercial Appliances & Vending Machines
    • Electrical Housewares &  Portable Appliances
    • Household Cooking Equipment
    • Household Laundry Equipment
    • Water Processing Appliances
    • Energy Industry
    • Engineering & Consulting Firms
    • Fabricated Metal Products
    • Furniture Fixtures
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    • Air Conditioning  & Refrigeration Equipment
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    •       Miscellaneous Manufacturing
    • Consumer Goods
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    • Corporate/Executive Management (Owner, Partner, Chairman, President, C-level, Vice President, Director, Financial and Senior Supply Chain)
    •       Engineering
    • Application Engineering
    • Consulting Engineering
    • Design Engineering
    • Lab/R&D Engineering
    • Manufacturing Engineering
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Plant Engineering
    • Process Engineering
    • Production Engineering
    • Quality Engineering
    • Technical Engineering
    • Other Engineering (specify)
    • Manufacturing/Operations/Production/Import/Export/Supply Chain Management
    • Design Management
    • Purchasing
    • Other (specify)

    In which of the following industries is the primary end product or service performed? (select ALL that apply) 

    • Automotive Industry
    • Aerospace Industry
    • Appliance Industry
    • Electronics Industry
    • Medical Industry

    Which of the following products do you recommend, specify, and/or buy in your job? (select ALL that apply) 

    • Adhesives, Tapes, Sealants and Dispensing Equipment
    • Assembly Workstations, Benches, Seating, and Lighting
    • Power and Hand Tools
    • Automated Assembly Machines and Systems
    • Production Equipment, Presses, Forming and Threading Machines
    • Bar Code Reader Systems, Printers and Readers
    • Robots, End Effectors and Pick-and-Place Machines
    • Contract Assembly Services
    • Test and Inspection Equipment
    • Conveyors and Materials/Parts/Handling Equipment
    • Welding/Brazing/Soldering/Equipment and Supplies
    • Software and/or Data Acquisition Equipment and Instrumentation
    • Wire Processing and Terminating Machines
    • Fasteners and Precision Formed Parts
    • Motion Control, Positioning and Indexing Equipment
    • Machine Vision Systems and Non-Contact Sensors
    • Packaging Equipment
    • Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing
    • None of the Above
    • Industrial Computers & Software

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